Thursday, December 4, 2008

Does this blog still work?

I've been told that Tim Berners-Lee wishes that he could go back and make URLS be instead of Is it too late for that? How about a Firefox addon to do that? It would help detect phishing faster, right?


Zack Weinberg said...

They used to do that in the UK, I think. It was ... unpopular.

Philip Chee said...

That was Janet Red Book (I think). It used to be that after switching to the real internet would still work since one of the cl alumni worked for the Chilean NIC.

Anonymous said...

Fidonet works like this for a dozen of years in Russia.

Gerv said...

An addon wouldn't help because the rest of the world would still have URLs the other way around - on the side of buses and so on. It would be very confusing for anyone using it.

The MAZZTer said...

Ehh... the general public has just adjusted to "", let's not put them through any more confusion. :P

Also this wouldn't really help the general public spot phishing.

Best bet is to highlight the domain name, like Chrome and Locationbar2 for Firefox do.

Of course you could reverse the domain for viewing, and then make it the "right" way when typing or editing... still would be a bit odd though.