Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oooo Faster!

I used to be on the Firefox nightly bandwagon. Then things got unstable and I decided that ... well ... I'd stick with the stable builds. I've wanted a 64-bit version of Firefox and with all the great performance improvements I've been reading about every day, I decided to try the bleeding edge of Firefox again. This article about FX8 for x64 convinced me to give it a try. With Flash x64 (beta) installed, I'm able to play my games. Unfortunately, quite a few addons are not compatible, so I'm using the Compatibility Reporter to submit those. We'll see how long I can live without them.

Update 1:
about:startup shows that my startup times are 1/3 of those from Firefox 5. Memory footprint, with the addons I still have enabled is about 320 MB according to about:memory.

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kang said...

open 50 tabs, close them,do again and do the gc etc memory... and check how much you have.
this one is the issue people usually report, its going to be more than when you open it by a fair margin